The Homo Sapiens' corporeal existence relies on a variety of biological occurrences to ensure its survival and continuity, yet how are upgrading or perfecting the body, if at all? Possibilities of enhancements and modifications for our bodies are currently on the verge of becoming widespread, some would argue it is already the case with support systems such as pacemakers and vaccines. What does the future hold in terms of transhumanism and cyborg enhancement? Our DNA dictates a lot of the fundamental base but it is not only understandable but also malleable, thus the evolution of our understanding and manipulation of the body is only beginning to reach an exponentially increasing variety of possibilities.

As a guideline, this sub-topic enables the participants to accentuate how we interact and conserve or evolve the environment in which we inhabit or will inhabit.

On February 24th this panel will be facilitated by Victoria Forster and Susan Chapelle!

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©2017 Our_Futures — All Rights Reserved.

©2017 Our_Futures — All Rights Reserved.