Since as long as we can remember, we have gazed upwards at the sun or the night sky, in deep wonder or fear. The immensity and beauty present right above our heads consistently fascinate and intrigues wonderful minds to ask more and more questions about who we are. When did it all start? What are we becoming? Who is out there? Are there other conscious beings with whom we share our cosmos and universe? What is the fabric, or lack thereof, of the universe?

Ranging from the nature of dark matter, energy, stars, to planets all around, so many more questions arise. Delve into this everlasting (or is it?) depth of the universe and share your thoughts at Our_Futures.

On February 24th this panel will be facilitated by Renée Hložek!

Our_Futures is an experience delivered by students attending Quest University Canada. The event is endorsed by by Quest’s administration, and is thereby included within the registered charity Quest University Canada

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©2017 Our_Futures — All Rights Reserved.

©2017 Our_Futures — All Rights Reserved.