This is the exploration of how the brain and thought processes evolve through time. The brain is not understood as of today, and yet speculation on how it does function and the outcomes produced by the mind is endless, many ideas originating from the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience, and psychology. The human brain is currently being scrutinized in hopes of finding  its algorithmic (or non-algorithmic) design. This is deemed necessary in order to understand the species mind and thought processes better. Today, many wonder whether the Homo Sapiens brain will continue to coexist (or not) and evolve with artificial intelligence. Could man and machine merge successfully thanks to neuralace to produce a new version of the mind? Where is the threshold between an organic and a mechanical mind? Is there a fundamental difference between an AI brain algorithm and a human one?

As a guideline, this sub-topic enables the participants to accentuate how we view mind and brain function. Additionally, how do these form who we are and the continuous evolution of the domain of artificial intelligence?

On February 24th this panel will be facilitated by Ron Chrisley and Brian Cantwell Smith!

Our_Futures is an experience delivered by students attending Quest University Canada. The event is endorsed by by Quest’s administration, and is thereby included within the registered charity Quest University Canada

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©2017 Our_Futures — All Rights Reserved.

©2017 Our_Futures — All Rights Reserved.